10 Simple Steps To Create funny cat videos

10 Simple Steps To Create funny cat videos

If you love cats and also love making videos, then creating funny cat videos may be the perfect hobby for you. With just a few simple steps, you can make hilarious videos featuring your feline friends.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a professional videographer to make these videos – all you need is enthusiasm and a few tips. In this article, you’ll learn how to create funny cat videos, step by step.

From choosing the right cat for your video to adding special effects and titles, you’ll learn everything you need to make the perfect funny cat video. Let’s get started!

funny cat videos

Choosing the Cat

When creating a funny cat video, the most important part is choosing the right cat! Not all cats have the same energy or personality, so it is important to select a cat that is friendly, out-going, and energetic.

If you have access to multiple cats, watch them interact with one another and make sure they are comfortable around each other. This will make the filming session much smoother and the cat more relaxed.

When evaluating the cats, consider their appearance, personality, and energy level. A coat of short fur will be more visible on camera than a long coat, so choose a cat with shorter fur.

Additionally, look for a cat that shows signs of animation, such as standing up on two feet, rolling around, or vocalizing. It also helps if the cat is food motivated and can be easily persuaded to perform with a treat.

In terms of personality, look for a cat that is relatively social and comfortable with people. If the cat is aggressive or skittish, the session will be difficult to manage and the end result won’t be funny.

Finally, make sure the cat is healthy and well rested. A sick or stressed cat may be less willing to be involved in the video, so watch out for signs of illness or exhaustion, by taking the time to find the right cat, you can make sure your funny cat video is entertaining, creative, and well received.

Determine the Type of Cat Character You Want

funny cat videos

When creating funny cat videos, the first step is to decide what type of cat character you want to include. Are you going for a cute and cuddly kitty, a mischievous one that always gets into trouble, or a wise and regal one that provides sage advice?

There are many different roles cats can play in comedy, so consider what type of cat character is going to be the most entertaining and engaging for your audience.

If you’re not sure what type of cat character you want to include, try watching some existing cat videos. Take note of a few that catch your eye and look at their features and personalities.

Do they have a certain look or come with a set of personality traits? Are they more of the cute and cuddly kind or the mischievous sort?

Knowing what kind of cat character will be most entertaining and engaging for your audience will be very helpful in creating your own funny cat videos.

Once you decide what type of cat character you want to create, you can use a variety of methods to bring this character to life. If you have access to a real cat, you can use the pet as the star of your funny cat videos.

Depending on the personality of your cat, you can create sketches, pranks, or silly challenges featuring your furry friend. Alternatively, you can create a stop motion animation or computer-generated cat character.

Whatever type of cat character you choose and however you choose to bring it to life, make sure to give it a unique name and personality.

This will help to make your funny cat videos even more enjoyable for your audience. Once you’ve determined the type of cat character you want, you’re ready to start creating funny cat videos.

funny cat videos

Filming Your Video

When creating funny cat videos, you need to make sure that you capture the right footage at the right angles. You want to be sure to hold your camera steady and get creative with what you film. Here are a few tips that will help you make the most out of your funny cat videos:

1. Get the Right Lighting: Make sure that your cat is well lit while they’re performing their funny antics. This will ensure that your footage is clear and well exposed.

2. Use a Tripod: Since cats move around so quickly, it is important that you use a tripod to keep your camera steady. This will result in much clearer footage and prevent camera shake.

3. Get Close to the Action: When filming your funny cat videos, make sure you get close to the action. This will ensure that your viewers can see the funny expressions on your cat’s face and capture their funniest moments.

4. Capture Variety: Whenever you’re filming funny cat videos, make sure to capture a variety of different shots. This could include wide shots, close ups, and cutaway shots.

5. Have Fun: Above all, make sure you and your cat are having a good time. If you’re having fun, your funny cat videos will be that much more entertaining.

Set Up Lights and Camera Angles

When creating funny cat videos, it is essential to set up your lights and camera angles correctly. If done properly, your viewers will be able to see your cat’s antics and body language clearly, allowing for the comedic moments to really shine. So, here are some tips on lighting and camera angles when shooting funny cat videos.

funny cat videos


Ensure that the lighting is bright enough to capture your cat’s movements and expressions. Natural light is usually the best option, however, if you are shooting indoors, try to use lamps and lights to provide enough illumination. Avoid shooting in areas where there is too much shadow, as this can make the video difficult to watch.

Camera Angles

When it comes to camera angles, try to capture your cat’s antics from multiple perspectives. Get closeup shots to capture their expressions, as well as wide shots to showcase the environment they are in.

Shoot from slightly elevated angles and ground-level angles to get a variety of perspectives. Ensure that the camera’s view is never blocked and that the background does not upstage your cat’s antics.

Sufficient Equipment

When creating funny cat videos, it is important to have the right equipment. Invest in a good quality camera and a tripod that can hold the camera steady.

If you are using multiple cameras, have an assistant or family member help you set them up to capture different angles.

You can also use a gimbal for further stability. Ensure that your camera has a good microphone so that the viewers can hear your cat’s sounds and meows.

By taking the time to set up the lighting and camera angles correctly, you are ensuring that your funny cat videos will be visually appealing and of a high quality. With the right equipment, you will be able to capture share your funny cat videos with the world.

Capture Your Cat’s Attention

Creating funny cat videos requires capturing your cat’s attention, so they’ll stay in the frame and appear to be interested in the activity. Cats can easily become bored, so it’s important to keep things interesting. It helps if you are prepared and have the right equipment.

Here are a few tips to help you capture your cat’s attention for your funny cat videos:

funny cat videos

• Toys – Cats love to play with toys, so introducing new toys will keep them engaged and help them stay focused on the activity. Try using toys that are interactive or that you can control with a remote, as cats like to chase moving objects.

• Rewards – Rewarding your cat for staying interested in the video is a great way to capture their attention. Try giving a small treat after each take, as it will motivate them to stay focused on the activity.

• Variety – Variety is key when creating funny cat videos – cats easily get bored with repetition, so changing up the scenery or toys often will help you capture their attention.

• Music – Music can also help to keep cats engaged – they often respond to catchy sounds and rhythms. Play some music while you’re filming and see how your cat responds.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to capture your cat’s attention and create funny cat videos that will have everyone laughing.

Editing Your Video

Once you have filmed your funny cat video, it is time to start the editing process. Editing is the process of piecing together the different parts of your video to create the final product. Here are some tips and tricks to editing a humorous cat video.

First, familiarize yourself with the video editing software you’re using. This could be anything from iMovie to Adobe Premiere.

Each program has its own tools, so make sure you understand which tools to use and how to use them. After that, begin importing your footage into the program. Make sure to properly organize your clips and labeling them accordingly so it can be easier to find the funny parts when you are ready to assemble the video.

Next, you should begin to assemble your funny cat video, this may involve adding in transitions, sound effects, and titles. When you’re adding these elements, try to make sure they are not too over-the-top or distracting.

Remember, the goal is to create a funny video, not an excessively edgy one.

Also, make sure that the content flows together. Use the right timing and try to keep the video’s length to a maximum of two or three minutes.

And, lastly, make sure your video looks good as well as sounds good. Once you have the video assembled, review it, and make sure there are proper lighting and audio levels. Also, make sure to add any additional effects that may enhance the humor of the video.

Once you have finished editing your funny cat video, you can now upload it on your favorite social media site. Don’t forget to add tags, like #catvideos and #funnycatvideos to help other people find your video.

After that, have fun watching your video along with all the people who will soon be laughing along with you.

Edit the Video Footage

Now that you have your video footage and materials, it’s time to edit. Editing is perhaps the most important part of creating your funny cat videos, as it is where you will be able to craft your vision and bring your idea to life.

To establish a workflow, you should start by organizing the clips you have recorded. Start by categorizing them into various folders so that you can easily access them as needed.

Once your footage is organized, you can begin to put together the scenes. Depending on the project and the type of video you wish to make, begin by laying down the clips in sequence to create a rough cut.

When editing, don’t forget to add simple transitions between the video clips for a more professional look. This helps to make the video look less choppy and provide a better viewing experience.

Additionally, you can bring in additional elements such as sound effects, music, and graphics to your video. Adding these elements can help to bring some extra dimension to your videos and make them more engaging.

For example, you can include funny music to accentuate the visuals of your cats’ antics or clever sound effects to further emphasize the emotions in the video. Adding a logo or a title card to the video can give it a professional touch and make it look more polished.

When it comes to funny cat videos, it’s important to experiment and have fun. Try out different things and don’t be afraid to take risks.

After you are happy with the sequence of your clips, you can then move on to fine-tuning the details, such as color correction and sound balancing. With a little bit of creativity and effort, you should be able to create funny and entertaining cat videos that are sure to captivate your viewers.

Review and Export

Once you have your video content ready, it’s time to go over it to make sure your funny cat videos are up to par. Note that you don’t need to shoot the funniest cat videos ever made, but try to make sure that the content is in line with the theme of the video.

Start by running an initial review of the video, ensuring that all visuals are as high quality as possible, that all editing transitions are smooth, and that the audio is balanced and clear. If needed, take a few moments to edit out any blips or glitches.

Once you’re satisfied with the content, move onto the export process, export your funny cat videos to the file format that best suits your needs. If you’re uploading your videos to the internet or streaming services, consider exporting in a compressed format like H.264 or H.265 for maximum compatibility.

For better quality, opt for formats like ProRes or DNxHD. If you’re playing your funny cat videos in a professional setting, consider exporting in lossless formats such as Animation, JPEG2000, or Blackmagic RAW.

Lossless exporting is more time and resource intensive, but it ensures that the video you edit, export, and play is as close to the original source as possible. Be sure to review the audio and color settings on the export page, and adjust them as necessary.

Once you’ve gone over your funny cat videos and you’re sure it’s ready to go, you can export your video. Make sure you have enough storage space and bandwidth available to upload your funny cat videos, and hit the upload button. When it’s finished, share your video on all the relevant platforms, and watch in delight as your funny cat videos start to spread!


Funny cat videos are the perfect way to entertain, amuse, and surprise viewers. With all the tips and tricks, you can create a hilarious and informative video that will be sure to make anyone smile.

By carefully selecting the right cat, getting familiar with the equipment, and taking the time to edit your video, you will have an amazing video that you can proudly share with the world. So take these simple steps and get ready to have some fun creating your very own funny cat video!

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