Earn Up to $800/M Email campaign services

best email marketing crm
Are you one of the young people who want to make a good passive income online, ( Email campaign services ) while you are in your  country, and also are you someone who wants to know how to make money online?  
In this article you will learn how to make money (Earn Up to% 30 Per lead Email campaign services) which means how to make email marketing at least 30% per customer you bring.
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About Email Campaign Services

Email campaign servicesis an online method used by business owners to deliver/send their products/ business to their customers.  
It is also a way of doing marketing because it simply delivers/reaches your product or business to your customers in a free way.

How to make Money-Email campaign services

When it comes to making money from email campaign services there are two ways you can make money.
The first method is to use it for your  business and develop your business.
The second method is the one we will talk about now and the  method called affiliate marketing.
That means making money by spreading your affiliate links and then making  good money every month.
best email marketing crm
Here we will share with you email marketing websites where you can make good money for example up to 40% per customer you bring in which is passive Income.

Recurring Payment

When you want to make money from affiliate marketing I would recommend you to look for a website affiliate programs that are recurring payment, Recurring payment is a regular payment that you receive regularly or monthly. 
For example, if you bring today 10 customers to one of the affiliate recurring payments companies  you get a commission of $ 30 per customer, that means you get $ 30 per customer every month

One time Payment

There is also a one-time payment method which is a one-time commission even if the customer continues to use the products for a long time.
But one benefit is that you get a large amount of money at one time between $ 20 and $ 100 while in the other part of the recurring payment you get a commission of $ 5 to $ 10 per month.
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Moosend 30% email campaign services

Moosend is one of the email marketing platforms that allows you to grow your business and also make money. 
Moosend allows you to take 30% of the commission yourself for each customer you bring in which is a good commission.

Moosend Earning Estimates

The amount of money you can make depends on the size of the client. For example, if you bring in 100 customers who pay $ 10 a month, so for 30% commission you can make 30% * 100 * 10 = $ 300.

Moosend Payout

You may be wondering, when I make money from moosend affiliate programs how do I withdraw my money ?. 
The first time you sign up it gives you a unique link called a unique affiliate link which will later calculate how many clicks and number of customers you have brought to them.
Also in terms of payout you can withdraw from Payapl, payoneer and also wire transfer.
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Moosend Pricing & Plns

Moosend has several different pricing plans that the client can choose from, and each plan has its own unique services and prices.

Pro plan 1

The first plan is 0 to 500 subscribers for $ 9 / month.
So if you bring up to 100 customers per month, you earn up to 100 customers * 30% * 9 = $ 270 / m per month while the customer is using the company service.

5k - 8k Subscribers

Also, the cost of the 5K to 8k email list is $ 64 per month.
So if you bring in 50 customers per month you can earn up to $ 960 per month as a commission (50 customers * 30% * 64 = $ 960 / M)
best email marketing crm

1Ok -25K Email list

The cost of a moosend client with an email list of 15K to 25K /m is $ 160 /m.
So if you bring with at least 150 customers you will earn up to $ 7200 (150 customers * 30% * 160 = $ 7200) per month which is good enough money for your daily life.

100K -150K email list

Customers who reach 100K – 150K email lists  per month also charge a monthly fee of $ 936. 
What if you bring in 200 customers per month, you will earn $ 56160 /m (200 customers * 30% * $ 936 = $ 56160 per month.)

200K-250K Subscribers

best email marketing crm
Moosend charges $ 1520 per month for subscribers or email subscribers who have 200K to 250K per month. 
Here you can make a lot of money, For example, if you bring in 500 customers a month, you will get 500 customers * 30% * $ 1520 = $ 228K per month, and $2.73600 per year.


So in order to make money from this business it is important to know how to market, because the only thing you need to do in this business is marketing campaigns. 
Because every time you do a marketing campaign you get more people which can increase the commission you get from your affiliate commission.

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