Affiliate Income Through Email marketing

Affiliate Marketing
If you are someone who wants to learn how to make money online then in this article we will talk about how to make money from email marketing platforms.
 Especially in affiliate marketing using email marketing platforms which make it easy for you to make money easily. Also in this article we will look at how to make money in these methods below for 
automated email marketing platform
  • How to make money affiliate marketing, 
  • How to make more money from affiliate marketing, 
  • How to get more customers 
  • How to market your affuliate program’s
  • and  how to register.

1. Active Campaign Email Marketing platforms

Active campaign is one of the email marketing platforms that allows business people to reach their business with more customers.
Through the services provided by active campaigns which include ’email marketing, Marketing automation, crm sales and automation.
Active campaign email marketing platforms have different pricing plans, depending on the client plan they use, ranging from $ 9-1494 / per month.
automated email marketing platform

Active campaign comission

In Active campaign email marketing platforms you can get a commission of 20-30% recurring payment for each customer you bring.
As long as the customer uses the website and is  actively paying, you will be paid monthly.

How does email marketing work -Affiliate.

First you need to register on their website, then when they accept you they will give you a unique link  as well as a promotion banner.  
Which  will help you to advertise, which will later calculate how many customers your link has registered. 
automated email marketing platform

Earning Estimates Active campaign

As mentioned above, an active campaign will give you between 20-30%, for every customer you bring.  
This means that for every $ 100 a customer paid for their product, you will receive a commission of $ 20- $ 30 per month.  
For example, if you bring in 100 customers a month you get 100 customers * 20-30% * $ 49 = $ 980_ $ 1470 per month, which is $ 11,760 to $ 17,640 / y per year.

2. Email Marketing platforms

Systeme-io is one of the Email Marketing platforms as well as Systeme-io provides various services,
Including Email Marketing platforms, website builder, sales funnels, webinars, membership, selling products and much more.  
If we look at the price side of system-io it has different pricing, which are monthly or yearly, it starts from $ 27 to $ 97 and also has a free plan.

Systeme-io Commission

simple email marketing service
SYsteme-io has two types of affiliate commission, 40%, and 5% tier affiliate commission. 
Registration for System-io affiliate programs is free, you do not have to wait for them to accept you, because they will automatically accept you.

Systeme-io Affiliate earning estimates

Let’s take a look at the commission we can make from affiliate program, once we have a client. 
System-io offers a 40% recurring payment which will continue to be paid to us each month as long as the customer you brought in is using their service.   
For example, if you bring in at least 100 customers and each customer pays an average plan $ 47 per month, you can make 100 customers * 40% * 47 $ = $ 1880 per month, while you can make $ 1880 * 12 months = $ 22,560 a year. / Y.  
If you bring in 500 customers you can make 500 clients * 40% commission * 47 $ price = $ 9400 / M, while for a year you can make a commission of $ 9400 * 12y = $ 112800.

3. Converkit Affiliate Program

simple email marketing service
Convertkit is also one of the Email Marketing platforms, which enables business owners to grow their businesses, In terms of sales or leads.
Convertkit has several different pricing plans which range from $ 15 to $ 29 per month, Although the price depends on how many subscribers the customer uses,  
for example if the customer has 5K subscribers the price will be $ 79 to $ 111.

Converkit affiliate Comission

Convertkit affiliate commission pays 30% commission  per client. 
But convertkit affiliates per client you get regular commission  for up to 24 months or for two years only, but other website’s pay you commission lifetime.

Converkit Affiliate Earning

simple email marketing service
So we will estimate how much money we can make when we get customers which as a commission we get 40% Per leads. 
If you bring up to 50 customers you can make a commission 50 leads * 30% commission * 15 $ = $ 225 per month, while in two years (24 months) it becomes $ 225 * 12 = $ 5400. 

4. Constant Contact Affiliate

Website 4 is called constant contact which is also one of the Email Marketing platforms. Constant contact has different pricing depending on the plan chosen by the user, for example it starts from $ 9.99 to $ 45 per month although it  depends on the subscribers list.

Constant contact Affiliate Commission

simple email marketing service
Constant contact has two commissioning options : the first option $5  per signup, while   per sale is $ 105.  
This is not a recurring payment which means you will only get one time payment per customer. They also have 120 cookes days. 
This means that the last cookie is valid 120.

constant contact Affiliate earning

If we estimate the  commission we will get from the constant contact affiliate program, the first part per signup, if you bring 100 customers you will get $ 500 because per customer you get $5.  
Part two  is $ 105 per customer so for every 100 customers you bring you will get a commission of $ 525 time payment.

5.AWeber Affiliate Program

simple email marketing service
In this section we will take a look at the 5th Affiliate website Aweber which is one of the Email Marketing platforms. 
If you look at the price you pay per month for using Aweber service, it costs between $ 19.99 which is 0-500 subscribers, also 500- 2500 subscribers cost $ 29.99.

Aweber Affiliate Commission

Aweber, like the previous ones, has its own affiliate commission , which pays per customer,  This is up to 50%. 
After you register you will receive a unique link You will receive up to 50% commission for each person who registers from your unique.

Aweber Affiliate Earning

If we try to estimate commission we can get when we market and bring in a customer aweber affiliate program, it will be up to 50% per customer. 
So if you bring in 50 customers and each customer pays $ 19.99 per month you will get a commission of 0.5 commission* 50 customers *19.99 $ = $ 499.75.  
What if you bring in 50 customers and each customer pays $ 29.99 month, you will receive $ 749.75.
simple email marketing service


When it comes to making money online, especially in the digital marketing business. 
Affiliate marketing is an online business idea that I can say is simple, because you do not have to spend money to get started or invest, 
You just need to make a good marketing plan,  to get more customers You need to do good marketing and get people to see your affiliate products.

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