The Beginner’s Guide to Earning Money Online with Blogging

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You might be surprised to learn that blogging can be an effective way to earn money online, but it’s true! Many people have quit their jobs and turned their passion into a full-time career thanks to their blogs. 
If you’re wondering how to start a blog and make money with it, this guide will walk you through the ins and outs of earning money with your writing. Here are a few tips that will help you get started quickly and easily!

The pros and cons of blogging

There are a few reasons why blogging is a great way to earn money online. It’s flexible, for one thing. A blogger can work whenever he or she wants, as long as there’s an Internet connection available. 
And it’s easy: You don’t need any formal training in business or writing. Anyone who can write—and read—is qualified for this gig. 
This means that millions of people around the world have taken up blogging over recent years, and many of them are making money through their blogs! 

disadvantages of blogging

There are some disadvantages of blogging, however. For example, when you start a new site, there can be a lot of work involved. You’ll need to write new posts regularly and make your content interesting enough that people keep coming back. 
At first, you’ll likely not see much money from your site because it takes time for traffic to build and for people to begin purchasing products through affiliate links. It’s also hard work—it takes hours of writing and self-editing each week just to maintain a quality site. 
Additionally, in most cases you won’t be able to rely on pageviews as a primary source of income since there will likely be many other sites competing for traffic in your niche.

Where to start- start a blog website

Identify your financial goals. If you’re looking for short-term income, such as for a vacation or emergency fund, check out these easy ways to make money online . 
If you want a passive income stream that will work while you sleep, check out these ideas for building a business in your sleep. 
No matter what method you choose to earn money online , be sure it complements your lifestyle and falls in line with your priorities. 
You may even find ways to mix multiple methods together if they all complement each other!

What kind of blog should you create?

There are lots of different kinds of blogs, but some are better suited than others when it comes to earning money online. 
If you’re looking to make money blogging, there is one simple question you need to ask yourself before getting started: 
Is my target audience big enough? That question will help you decide what type of content (or multiple types) your site should focus on. The smaller your niche, typically, the more income potential you have.

How many posts do you need?

Many bloggers will tell you that you need 500 words and five posts before you can start earning money. That might be true, but chances are it won’t be true for long. Some sites might prefer 300 or 350 words over 500, while others might take as few as 100. 
So how many posts do you really need? Unfortunately, there is no one right answer. While some bloggers report needing 200+ posts on their site before they start earning a decent income from ad revenue.
Others are able to do so far sooner—as early as 25 posts in some cases! The reality is that there are a lot of factors at play here: your niche, your audience, and (of course) how good your content is among them.

What is profitable blog niches

Blog niches are a crucial component of being able to earn money blogging, and if you aren’t writing in a profitable niche, it can be tough to make a buck online.
Fortunately, there is an easy way to figure out which niches are worth writing in and which ones will just waste your time. Start by looking at what topics are most popular on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. 
That can give you some insight into hot topics that people might be interested in reading about or talking about on blogs and websites. You could also try taking Google search trends into account—search for your topic and see what pops up. 
If more people start asking questions online about that niche, that’s a good sign! here are some example -digital marketing niche, fitness niche, make money, niche and so on.

Build organic traffic

There are two main ways you can build organic traffic to your site: by creating high-quality content and by marketing it effectively. 
Without high-quality content, you won’t attract many visitors—and without effective marketing, they’ll never stick around. 
Make sure that every piece of content on your site is useful, helpful, valuable and informative. Aim for quality over quantity and make sure everything you put out into the world adds value; 
It might take some time before your traffic numbers grow but don’t give up! Just be aware that SEO—search engine optimization—is an important factor in driving web traffic; when it comes to SEO (which is a huge topic unto itself) there are certain strategies that work better than others for search engines.

How much time does it take?

There’s no hard-and-fast rule for how much time you should spend blogging in order to earn money online. It depends on many factors, including your topic, your niche and how often you publish posts. 
If you’re working full-time, you may only be able to squeeze in a few hours of work at night or on weekends. 
If your job doesn’t consume most of your weekdays, though, then you can devote more time to building up an audience that will appreciate all your efforts.

What about monetization?

If you’re a new blogger, you may be trying to figure out how you can earn money from your site. 
The first rule of making money on your site is that whatever you do, don’t do it just for the money. All of your content should be driven by passion and integrity or your readers will know something is up. 
The second rule is that there are no rules. You can monetize your site however you want, however, we’ll give you some  example google adsense, affialiate offers, sponsorship and much more

build your niche audience

In today’s day and age, being an individual blogger is almost as hard as being a movie star. If you want to earn money online with blogging, you need to build build your niche audience. 
Now, let’s be clear here: by community we don’t mean friends and family. The people who live in your house won’t help you grow your online income. 
A community is made up of those who like what you do and are happy to follow along and pay for things like e-books, tutorials or even just access to exclusive content.

The good and bad sides of blogging

Lots of people might say blogging isn’t the best way to make money online. However, if you’re committed and able to stick with it, it can be a rewarding way to make a living from home. 
The key is just taking advantage of all that’s out there. Take advantage of social media: There are plenty of places you can promote your blogs for free using social media channels. 
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest are great places to start. Using hashtags is another quick and easy way to help people find your content on both Twitter and Instagram.

Do you need any special tools?

To get started, you’ll need a domain name and hosting service. If you don’t already have that, it will cost about $10/month. 
This is where your website lives on the internet and allows people to visit your site through a regular browser and see all of your content in real time. 
You can purchase these items separately, but I recommend using Bluehost as they offer one-click WordPress installation which makes blogging that much easier.

Now what? Start a blog website

So, you want to start a website and generate an income from it? It sounds pretty simple, right? Well, even though it is a very easy concept on paper, it takes time to master. 
If you’re interested in learning how you can earn money online through blogging—even if you have no experience—keep reading!

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